Workshops in different genres are given throughout the year and also in seasonal  intensive clusters.  During the Amsterdam Summer Intensive, held each July, a great variety or workshops are offered.  Pre-registration through the website is necessary and entrance to workshops is based on the CV/dance film of the dancer and the teacher’s requirements. If you have special needs, please don’t hesitate in contacting us. All of our classes and workshops have English as the main language and are open to dancers with a professional level and training. 

Before applying for any workshop, please read carefully all of the guidelines and policies on the Intensive page

For all workshops, you need to upload your CV and dance film. If you apply for more than one workshop, you need to submit the CV and dance film just once. It will take some time to upload your documents. please be patient until you receive the message that your registration succeeded. Don’t sign up multiple times for the same workshop

For attending open classes no CV or dance film is required. You can sign up on the open classes page