Here you can also download the PDF General Agreements maart 2022

Amsterdam 2022-2

General Agreements / Rules of Procedure

  1. HJS House Rules
  2. Arrangements Workshops
  3. Cancellation and refund policy
  4. Grievance Procedure
  5. Theft
  6. Privacy policy
  1. HJS House Rules
    We expect dancers to abide by the following House Rules & extra House Rules/COVID related Measures:
  • Please preregister and pay online. You personally check in at the reception desk before every class you take. You are not allowed to pay afterwards. Classes are controlled by checking the list of names of people who prepaid and checked in at the HJS Desk.
  • People may warm up in the studio before class but must not disturb their colleagues still taking class by talking or distracting them.
  • Please do not remain in the studio more than 15 minutes after your class is finished. If you are asked to leave because another class / rehearsal is starting please do so immediately.
  • Dancers who are obviously not up to the level of the class may be asked to leave class. They can get a refund at the desk.
  • You have to communicate any medical problems that causes you difficulties in dancing and hinder your active participation of the class / workshop, to the teacher.
  • Please be on time! Teachers have the right to refuse entry to latecomers.
  • Appropriate dance clothes must be worn.
  • Body cream/oils or hair products that you use may remain on the floor after you have been doing floor work and make it slippery for the dancers in the subsequent classes. If you use these products, please cover yourself appropriately so that they do not have contact with the floor
  • No food or drinks are allowed in the studio.
  • Mobile phones must be switched off.
  • HJS has the right to substitute teachers.
  • It is prohibited for dancers to make photographs and/or video recordings in classes and workshops without prior approval of the teachers and dancers involved.
  • Please read the Extra House Rules / COVID related Measures HERE
  1. Arrangement workshops

HJS reserves the right to substitute teachers, or cancel workshops in the case of unforeseen circumstances. Workshops should be paid after receiving the confirmation letter, in which the deadline of payment is stated, only after we received your payment, your place is secured.

  1. Cancellation and refund policy:

Dutch law stipulates a reflection period of 14 days for a purchaser of a product. The start of this period is on the registration date. If necessary, you can contact the management in writing and ask for the standard withdrawal or dissolution form. This must be filled out and a reasonable explanation given. In case the workshop starts within this period, the policy concerning refunds is applicable.

Workshop participants are guaranteed a full refund of their payment (minus € 15,- administration costs per student, not per workshop), only in the case that the workshops are overbooked or cancelled for any reason. This applies also in the case of a force majeure and any circumstances resulting from it.
HJS cannot take responsibility for any other costs that have been made, including travel and housing.

In case of cancellation on the part of the dancer the following rules apply:

  • A cancellation/ administration fee of € 35, – will always be charged.
  • Cancellations must always be communicated by email: Facebook , Instagram, or telephone messages will not be accepted.
  • For cancellations for more than three weeks in advance, we will refund your payment except for an administration fee of € 35, -.
  • For cancellations 8 days to three weeks before the start of the workshops, only 50% of the fee will be refunded.
  • For cancellations one week or less before the start of the workshop, the workshop fee cannot be refunded.
  • For cancelations of workshops and open classes bought through our class registration program “Blossom”, the rules as mentioned in the info on the class page & the confirmation email of Blossom purchases are

In case a refund is applicable the payment will take place within 4 weeks.

Unfortunately, we can make no exceptions to these rules, not even in case of injury before or during the workshop. Please check your travel insurance.

Some special workshops will have different rules. If so, they will be sent to the participants, attached to the confirmation letter.

By signing up for workshops you confirm that you have read and agreed to our General Agreements / Rules of Procedure / Privacy Policy.



  1. Grievance Procedures

Complaints are handled confidentially and discussed with the management. The case will then be settled within 4 weeks. If needed, the board of directors can be consulted. Depending on the nature of the complaint, the board can consider taking further steps. In case the complaint requires further investigation, the customer will be informed about the terms and reasons. If still needed, the complaint can then be referred to Paul Bronkhorst, an objective intermediary who can be consulted for an appeal. His verdict will be binding for HJS, and will be executed within 4 weeks.  Complaints will be registered and will be archived for a period of one year.

Complaints can be send to the direction, Henny Jurriëns Foundation, Chasséstraat 64 1057JJ Amsterdam.

Please note that making use of the HJS activities and facilities is at your own risk. HJS is not responsible for any damage, injuries or other occurrences. Participants are obliged to provide for their own health and liability insurances.

  1. Theft

Be aware that things can be stolen from the dressing rooms. Please take your valuables into the studio with you. We ask everybody to be attentive.

In case of theft the police will be informed without any hesitation.

  1. Privacy Policy

The personal information we receive about dancers and teachers will not be shared with other parties, though we cannot guarantee security on line. Participants are aware that the activities of HJS can be photographed or can be recorded on video for publicity reasons of HJS. Participants cannot, under any circumstances, claim right of property regarding these materials.

In case of filming or making pictures during and workshops for HJS classes purposes, you will always be informed in advance, so you can indicate that you don’t want to be filmed / photographed.
Please let us know if you no longer wish us to publicize or keep your personal data, and we will then delete it from our system.

We will use your data in accordance to the “General Data Protection Regulation; Dutch AVG verklaring, see HERE