Heather Ware

Heather Ware is a Canadian dancer and choreographer based in Amsterdam. She has danced since 2003 with LeineRoebana, and is currently active as a freelancer in the Dutch dance community. As a choreographer Heather continues to develop her work in close collaboration with several international musicians.

The class focuses on building the dynamic range of the body, the ability to co-ordinate and conversely deconstruct the body’s natural co-ordination. The musicality of the dancing body is brought strongly to focus. The combinations are created to trigger the connection between brain and body and to understand the different muscle tensions possible within our dance. The relation of the body to the space in which we move plays a crucial role. Anchored in contemporary dance technique there is focus on weight and momentum, curving and twisting the spine, finding a balance between release and stability.  We will progress through a series of simple standing exercises through more complex combinations that move in and out of the floor. Breath plays an integral role and the dancers are encouraged to listen to the dance they and their fellow dancers create.