Ayberk Esen
(1984) is a Caucasian folk dance based freelancer contemporary dancer who lives & works in Europe since 2009. He received his BA from ZZT Köln , additional to his previous studies in Istanbul and Salzburg , SEAD (2009) . Since 2010 he has been working in several projects in Austria, Bosnia, Germany, Spain and Holland with Georg Hobmeier (AU), Flow Berger (AU), Georg Reichl (AU),Jelena Kostic (SRB), Helder Seabra (PT, Karl Schreiner (DE), Maura Morales, (CU), Hakan T. Aslan (DE), Michael Schmidt (DE), Reut Shemesh ( ISR )

Class description:
The training starts with a dynamic warm-up block that travels through the room which includes variations of complex & less complex exercises, steps and floor work. The following part includes specific improvisational material as individuals, with a partner and as a group. It all rounds up in phrases that plays with speed, musicality, level anddynamic…