HJS classes open, do sign up in advance!!

We are extremely happy to announce that HJS is open again since Tuesday 2 June in small steps. In this phase we have a maximum of 15 dancers per class.

You need to register in advance. Do not come if you do not have a registration.

Everyone is obliged to abide by the House Rules, HERE .

Read the House Rules carefully for routing and distancing rules before you come to the studio!!

Sign up HERE

We have a new registration system BLOSSOM. Did your visit our classes in HJS, but somehow you can not log in? CLICK FORGOT PASSWORD?

To check the availability of the classes of your choice, you can also call in the morning to our receptiondesk.

Because of safety and hygienic measurements class times have been adjusted.

Mon – Fri Ballet Class 9:15. Contemporary 11:15

Sat Ballet 10:00 & Gaga/ dancers 10:15.

From 1 June, the Ballet class will be live streamed on 9:15 too.
Live stream info via the link of our HJS
Gofundme page


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