Andrea Hackl 2019

Andrea Hackl
Andrea is based in Holland and Austria. She works internationally as choreographer, dancer, teacher as well as video artist. Her work cherishes the power and poetry of dance in its physicality and is, most of all, a celebration of life. After her graduation from ArtEZ Dance Academy, she has danced companies & choreographers internationally. e.g.: Jasper van Luijk/SHIFFT (@Korzo Productions), Cascade Dance Theater, Emanuel Gat Dance, United C, Suzy Blok and toured major venues and festivals worldwide. Her own work has been presented internationally, in Europe/Scandinavia, North/Central America, S/E Asia & India.

Class Description
Andrea will teach her work “Interplay : In which we travel from more exploratory work, to deepen suggested principles, towards set exercises. Movement, be it floor work or standing material, is approached as directing and streaming an energetic flow. We focus on weight and the stream of breath as generators of movement; on how to utilize these in an ongoing interplay between release, recovery and a conscious act of directing.Though loving the clarity of lines, my work is never about creating “shapes”. The work aims at enhancing our awareness of the kinetic forces we work and play with.This allows us to be energetic and, as well, to gain speed, if so wished – be it in minimal or expanded movements flying through and eating the space.”