Tai Chi Chuan for dancers:

Originated in China, Tai Chi Chuan is a mind/body martial art, also referred to as shadow boxing or moving meditation. to an outsider who has never practiced the discipline, Tai Chi appears to be a slow, choreographed dance. However, there is more to it: one cannot easily see the internal and external benefits derived by regular practice. It is proven to build strength from the inside out. it means sustaining mindful inner stillness while being in full motion. This requires minimal optimized use of your muscle structure, being clear on the action or expression we aim for, while maintaining total awareness of the whole body, physically and mentally.

Tai Chi Chuan is a practice and an experience.
Can we slow down and still feel powerful?
Can we move and be still at the same time?
Can we be strong while being soft and flexible?

The body is not just a skeletal structure, the body is everything. it’s shen (spirit), it’s i (mind), it’s chi (energy). These Chinese terms have an allusive value, they are not concepts. they are directions.

No previous tai chi experience is required to take the classes.

Marijke, native of the Netherlands, Founder and Co-Artistic Director of The Next Stage Project (TNSP), has been dancing, teaching and choreographing for the past 25 years in New York City. With TNSP, she travels around the world, teaching, creating, mentoring and making exchange and performance projects possible.

Marijke holds a BFA in physical education with a specialization in dance. She continued her modern dance studies at the Rotterdam Dance Academy (Codarts) in The Netherlands and Dance Space Inc in NYC.

Her continuing education, which includes studying extensively with Grandmaster William C. C. Chen in NYC (short form, long form, form refinement, sword form, and push-hands) and he gave Marijke her Sifu title and certification to share his short form and long form with his permission.

She is currently teaching open Dance & Tai Chi Chuan classes in New York City.