Marco Di Nardo
Marco began his road in the bboy world in 2004 in Naples. After many years of hard work, he became part of “Double B Rockers Crew”, a legendary Italian breakdance crew. At the same time, he toured with companies, such as Vittorio Toraldo, Laboratories Flegrei and Peppe Barra. He also took part in many competitions and won numerous events around Europe. In Berlin, his life changed. He finally got the opportunity to change and evolve from bboying to experimental dance, where he unifies his strong style with tricking, power moves and contemporary dance. He founded Frantics dance Company together with his 3 colleagues, Carlos Aller, Juan Tirado, Diego de la Rosa.

Class description
The class is a journey though the beauty of floating movement in the space, where the urban dance meet the contemporary dance, the class will discover the physicality of bboying and acrobatics fused with the flying- low technics and floor-work.
It will start with a improvisation warm up that will help the body to be ready to execute physical movements, afterwards we will discover our own physical potential in strength and balance.
The class will consists in a way to move fluently and with endless movements though, top, middle and ground level.
The class is also based on acrobatics and spin moves exercises, that will help the students to gain more strength, stability, and velocity in the execution of acrobatics movements.
The goal is to combine our own dancing skills with the material taught during the class that will help the student to learn and evolve his own unique style.