Photo by Yunfei Ren

Uri Eugenio
-is a dancer, teacher, coach and choreographer based in Amsterdam. He completed his studies at the Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts in Tilburg, The Netherlands. He has worked with renowned dance companies and choreographers such as Scapino Ballet, LeineRoebana, David Middendorp and Nanine Linning. He has performed in many cities across Europe, Asia and the United States. He has appeared in several TV shows including “Dancing Queen”and “So You Think You Can Dance”. His choreographic work could be seen at events such as Oerol Festival, Grachten Festival, Oranjewoud Festival and Limburg Festival. Uri was nominated for the Jacques de Leeuw Jong Toptalent prize (2006) and “De Zwaan” for best dance performer (2014)

Class info
The key focus points of his class are individuality, body awareness and awareness of the space. The class starts with a series of movements that alternate between awakening the body as a whole and focusing on smaller details and articulations. The class then shifts to a guided improvisation, working with different initiation points in the body, while focusing on the amplitude and frequency of the movements. The class ends with a movement phrase and a body parts roulette.