Rodolfo  Serné

Rodolfo was born in Amsterdam and had his first music lesson from his father, who was a flutist.

He studied at the Conservatorium of Amsterdam  with Daniëlle Dechenne, Hugo van Neck, Tristan Keuris, Fania Chapiro, and others, and his specialty became Classical Improvisation.

He first started working in the realm of dance with the Polish dance master/choreographer Jola Zalewska and soon afterwards as a dance accompaniment  at CREA(University of Amsterdam). He went on with this work at Artemis Kunstcentrum, International Danstheater, Hoofdstad Operette, Haagsche Dance Etage, Introdans,  & Krisztina de Chatel. Besides his work in the dance field, Rodolfo has studied a wide range  of styles including Folk music and authentic Gypsy music, and has performed in many countries including Poland, ,Hungary & Lithuania. He has worked as a repetitor/accompanist/partner for singers Aafje Heynis,Udo Reinemann, Elena Zamfira, Ilse van de Kasteelen, Lasca ten Kate, (his late wife) chansonnière-diva Fifi L’Amour,Lucy Montebello & violinists Gregor Serban, Lucas Amor & Victor Enache, and cellist Tjakina Oosting. In addition to playing the piano Rodolfo also plays the accordion, specializing in World Music.