Nina Funk – originally from Germany, Nina Funk is currently based in Amsterdam. After graduating in 2008 at the ArtEZ School of Dance in Arnhem (The Netherlands), Nina has been studying Countertechnique intensively over several years and became an accredited teacher of Countertechnique in 2018.

Dancing, choreographing and teaching are three elements of equal importance for Nina. In each element she finds inspiration to develop herself further and share her passion with others.

As a dancer, Nina has performed in the work of choreographers such as Wies Bloemen, Fleur Darkin, Lorenzo Borella, Adriaan Luteijn, Marc Brew.

Currently, she holds a teaching position at the ArtEZ School of Dance and also works as a freelance teacher and choreographer in various other places in The Netherlands and abroad. She has for several years been part of the education department of contemporary ballet company Introdans and continues to work for them as freelance teacher and dancer, where she performed in inclusion work of Adriaan Luteijn for the first time. Since then Nina’s interest in working, making and dancing with different groups, all kind of dancers, ages and colours, with and without disabilities has grown and is still a big interest in her work.