Niharika Senapati born in Australia, Niharika is a freelance artist based in Melbourne, Australia. She is a Senior Countertechnique Teacher, having attended the Countertechnique Teacher Training program in 2014 and in 2018 and has been a One Body One Career faculty member in since 2017. Her dancing life is suspended between multiple roles that travel her around the world. As a performer, Countertechnique teacher, maker and rehearsal assistant, she has a multidimensional perspective on the potential of the moving body.
From 2012-2018, she performed and toured extensively with Chunky Move, under the artistic direction of Anouk van Dijk and continues to work closely with her as a rehearsal and choreographic assistant most recently for Distant Matter (Staadtsballet Berlin, 2019) and Surge (University of Utah, 2019). Niharika most recently performed in Trustees by the Belarus Free Theatre for Malthouse Theatre (Melbourne Festival, 2018), F Project  by Prue Lang (March, 2019), Replay by Eszter Salamon (Abbotsford Convent, 2018) and precipice by Rachel Arianne Ogle (Perth, 2019). She has worked as a sound designer for DanceQuietRiot (Emma Fishwick, 2018), E/Merge (Lauren Langlois, 2018) and Our Sandman (Rebecca Riggs-Bennett, 2019). She was collaborating choreographer on Daddy by Joel Bray (Yirrimboi Festival, 2019) and Mosquitoes directed by Jessica Arthur (Sydney Theatre Company, 2019). Ultimately, she loves dancing and the magic of an ever changing body.

Teachers statement: “I love the joy that floods into me when I dance and am able to discover new things about myself and the way I am made up. Countertechnique allows me to discover these possibilities constantly, whilst giving practical tools to keep me engaged in a process of discovery and at the same time preparing me for the day ahead. Class is a special space for me, where failure, fear and pain are removed from the picture, and dancing becomes rich, nourishing and filled with choice.”