Isaies Santamaria Perez
is a freelance dancer, teacher and choreographer in New York City. Born in France, Isaies started studying dance in Paris at Latin and Tropical Dance School and at Rick Odums School of Ballet Jazz. Then he moved to NYC and He graduated from Peridance Capezio Center in 2014 and performed work by Manuel Vignoulle,Bryan Arias, Marlena Wolf, Igal Perry,Enzo Celli and Ephrat Asherie.  He is now working with Shannon Guillem, Vim/Vigor dance Company. He is a faculty member at Gibney Dance Center teaching Floorwork contemporary with elements of capoeira, breakdance, salsa and house.

Class Description Isaies develops a movement inspired by animals and how they move with elements of breakdance  and capoeira. To complete the movement of the floor, Isaies incorporates a circular and energetic fluidity with jumps (classical dance) and footwork (salsa, house) to combine and work the relationship between the up and down. The theatrical part is very important in his choreographic work, looking for a state of mind as a reason to move.