Uri Ivgi

After studying theater and sculpture Uri Ivgi starts his dance education at the school of the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company in 1987. From 1990 until 1997 Uri dances with the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company and performs pieces by Rami Be’er, Mats Ek, Daniel Ezralow, Jiri Kylian, Suzanna Linke, Inbal Pinto and many others. Uri creates his first choreography, Isch-Ischa, in 1993 and is subsequently repeatedly invited to create new work for the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company as well as the Suzanne Dellal Centre (Tel Aviv, Israel).
Since 2003 Uri Ivgi works together with the choreographer Johan Greben. Ivgi&Greben created new works for Ballet am Rhein, DE; Szeged Contemporary Dance Company, HU; Dansgroep Amsterdam, Introdans and Scapino Ballet, NL; It dansa, ES; Korea National Contemporary Dance Company, KR; Modern Dance Turkey; National Theatre Ballet, CZ; Provincial Dances Theatre, RU; Scottish Dance Theatre, UK; Skânes Dansteater and Norrdans, SE and Tanzkompanie Theater St. Gallen, CH. In 2011 Ivgi&Greben won The Golden Mask Award in Moscow.

Uri Ivgi teaches a modern class based on his own dynamic dance language as a choreographer. His class starts with a warming-up focussing on freeing the muscles and joints to create a total free body. After, he gradually guides the dancers through small dancephrases involving the use of space.
The class will finally develop in very dynamic combinations where Uri includes a lot of floorwork. His aim is to challenge the dancers to work with their extremes but still with the awareness of ‘the free body’ his class starts with.