• Thursday 22 October
  • Friday 23 October
  • Saturday 24 October
  • 13:15 – 16:15
  • 13:15 – 16:15
  • 13:15 – 16:15

Price: € 75,- for the whole 3 days workshop.

Anne Suurendonk
s a Dutch choreographer, teacher and dancer. She was educated at the Theaterschool Amsterdam at the Jazz-Musical Dance department. She danced in several productions of Wies Bloemen at Danstheater AYA. At that time, she discovered her passion for choreography and started her development as a maker by, among other things, choreographing for students (AHK, Artez, Fontys, Codarts), doing research projects at Dansmakers Amsterdam, choreographed for Over ‘t IJ festival.

The last couple of years she has been working as a freelance teacher and choreographer at several dance academies in NL, is choreographing for companies (DOX, AYA) and is part of the collective Artbeat Amsterdam. In 2019 she was nominated for Prize of the Dutch Dance Festval Young Audience, and from this season on she is resident choreographer at Danstheater AYA.  

Her work is about embodying the inner world, relationships, emotions and a lust for life.  

Anne’s movement language characteristic for her work, rhythmical, dynamic, and always strongly driven by contemporary music.  


In this
3-days workshop,
you start   with a warm up in which Anne will let you experience the specific shapes and techniques of her style, with elements such as bounce, flow, opening up the body, stamina, different muscle qualities, improvisation, and musicality will be worked on. After the warm up she will work on several movement phrases, and will lead you to go much deeper into the material and play with the material. The focus will be both on embodiment as well as ‘performance’, seeing movement as a way to communicate.

The dancers personality and authenticity are important for Anne while working as a teacher and choreographer. “Who are you and what is your story?”. Recurring themes and subjects are: embodying the material with its specific technical aspects and making it your own at same time, the connection of the movement with the music, beats etc, the embodiment of sounds,  being powerful ánd vulnerable in dance, giving shape and form to feelings/emotions.

Anne’s academic background mixed with her urban feel makes a unique, natural fusion and organic contemporary movement language, which is strongly driven by music. Her style is very rhytmical and dynamic.

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