18 – 23 May, HJS online classes with Christina Mertzani & Klaas Backx

photo Christina by Nynke Brandsma

Monday 18 May:  Contemporary with Christina Mertzani 
Tuesday 19 May: Ballet with Klaas Backx
Wednesday 20 May:  Contemporary with Christina Mertzani
Thursday 21 May: Ballet with Klaas Backx
Friday 22 May:  Contemporary with Christina Mertzani 
Saturday 23 May: Ballet with Klaas Backx

HOW TO JOIN HJS ONLINE ZOOM CLASSES at 10:00 – 11:00 Amsterdam time!

This week week we will continue with the online classes, and we ask you to consider a voluntary contribution.

There is a suggested donation of € 3,50 per class for those who are in a position to give, but classes are open to all for free or any price that meets your budget. We will be very grateful to receive any donations, which will help us to set up a schedule, for you to dance, and for our teachers to teach some of their lost classes. If you are able to donate even more, this is highly appreciated. The donations will be shared with the teachers.

Thank you for your donation, and if you can’t donate today, please share the HJS online schedule and HJS Gofundme page on your social platforms.
Thank you for your support to the HJS community, and do enjoy again seeing each other on this platform and dance together!!

All info about the schedule, and how to join: https://www.gofundme

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