Billions package for corona-dupe victims: what’s in it for my company?

On March 17, the Dutch government decided on a whole package of measurements:

Temporary provision of income support for self-employed persons (ZZP-ers)
There will be temporary income support for self-employed people with a viable business who are temporarily in difficulty. This scheme also applies to self-employed persons. The scheme is based on the existing Bbz (Decree on assistance for the self-employed), but will be dealt with and provided more quickly. This provision has temporarily flexible conditions because of the special situation in the Netherlands: for example, the income support for living expenses does not have to be repaid later.

The scheme allows self-employed persons to apply for support in the form of a supplementary livelihood allowance and/or a loan for working capital. Just like the Bbz, this scheme is implemented by municipalities. This is where you can submit your application.

I don’t have any more income as a freelancer. Where can I go?
At the municipality. For a special, temporary arrangement with which self-employed people receive a supplement for living expenses for a period of three months. This arrangement supplements the income up to the social minimum and does not have to be repaid. The capital and partner test that normally applies is cancelled. As a result, the self-employed do not have to draw on their savings and can also receive a benefit if their partner still has income. The procedure to qualify for this income support will be accelerated.

The scheme will apply retroactively from 1 March 2020. Minister Koolmees urged zzp’ers not to run to the municipality immediately tomorrow. “Because we do need time to set this up, so wait for further notice”, he explained.

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