Tuning in Masterclass with Live Music and option to perform
Participants of this class, given by Shaymaa Shoukry with live musical accompaniment by Ahmed Saleh, can also perform in an interactive public showing should they choose to do so! For those who participate in the performance, the workshops will be free (refunds will be given after the performance).
Moving from our core, we’ll defy the social structures and mental codes which disrupt and misalign our natural balance. Reconnecting with the core, our powerhouse, to find it within ourselves to accept and liberate our pelvis, the center of our creativity.
We’ll use the voice as a tool of expression of the body to ‘tune in’ to ourselves and each other, to connect by listening. Both movement & voice are carried by Ahmed Saleh’s live composition in the workshop (as in the performance): his score begins with the beat of the drum as a minimal base, building in immersive layers around our voices.
Tuning In concludes with a performance outdoors. The score will be an interplay between voice & body, weaving and making visible a web between people in an open invitation to the audience to join. ‘Reclaiming’ togetherness in public space, Tuning In becomes about connecting to each other core to core.
This is an opportunity to be a part of the core group of dancers and singers who will work closely with Cairo-based artists Shoukry and Saleh to create and carry Tuning In throughout its collaborative creation & performance process. Tuning In will be created through a series of workshops. The workshops and performance (in public space) will include wider community participation. Tuning In is a participative project developed from Shaymaa Shoukry’s recent choreography Womb. It takes inspiration from the connection and expression of the pelvis in relation to our core. Departing from Womb, which is a solo piece,
Tuning In opens out to many bodies, their different histories, memories, backgrounds, abilities and experience in a collaborative and nonlinear workshop series.
More info and registration here: https://dancingontheedge.nl/news/open-call-for-participation

workshops from 7- 17 June, various locations, Amsterdam.
Try-out performance in De Hallen Amsterdam 15 June 19:00
Performance 3pm Saturday 17 June, Krugerplein, Amsterdam
Tuning In is initiated and produced by Dancing on the Edge international performing arts festival and platform as part of the Dancing on the Edge Festival year of listening. The masterclass is a collaboration with HJS.