Liat Waysbort-Ton van Til

The Sensorial body
Movement can be originated in an aesthetic idea, an image or sensation.
We will work with the following Class Principles:
Bodily connectivity (using support of LMA vocabulary), technical exquisite body, – action – motion, active – passive relations, in-out impulsing , giving in to movement.
The classes are focusing on developing physical and technical skills and increasing the sensorial awareness of one’s body. We will try to connect the physical/Kinesthetic processes to the awareness and the awakening of the body. I am using references to traditional dance practices and techniques mixed with yoga. With that synergy I am training dancers to arrive at their full potential and enlarge the positive experiences in the practice of dance.
The classes are very physical and increasingly demanding a high energy and commitment level. It is necessary to have a follow up of the classes in order to sense the development. In those classes I am training the body in a multi tasking . Way where flow of thoughts and tasks leads us into moving in space.
We will create an embodiment of information and connect to the activity in real time,
As in life – increasing our experiences while moving.

Liat Waysbort
Is an Amsterdam based choreographer, born in Israel, and started her career as a dancer and rehearsal director for Batsheva Dance Company. There she worked with choreographers like Ohad Naharin and William Forsythe. With her communicative and physical dance language, she makes disturbing themes in society tangible. Her works undermines clichés and stereotypes and embraces the complexity of the world with subtle activism. In 2015 she founded the foundation Bitter Sweet Dance in which she is develops new working methods in which the artistic and organisational structures are intertwined.
Liat holds a master in choreography from CoDarts Dance Academy and was a resident choreographer in Dansateliers till 2012, where she created five full evening programs and a large body of shorter works for companies such as Conny Janssen Danst, Dansgroep Amsterdam and The Meekers. Her works were performed nationally and internationally at festivals like Springdance (Utrecht),  Dutch Dance Festival (Maastricht), Julidans (Amsterdam), rencontres- Choreographiques (Paris) and B-motion (Bassano del Grappa). Liat was nominated for the prize for the most promising choreographer at the Dutch Dance Festival in 2012. The succesful solo Please me Please-The Solo toured around the world, won the audience prize in Platform HR in Zagreb and was descriped as “A little masterpiece” in the critiques of Barcelona.