Examining current transgressive behavior in the dance world in the Netherlands nov 2022

We would like to ask you to participate in the study on transgressive behavior in the dance world, which is being conducted by research and consulting firm Verinorm. Participation is voluntary and we need your consent.

Before you decide whether you want to participate, we will explain what the study entails in this letter. Please read the information carefully and ask the researchers, mentioned at the end of the info letter, any questions you might have.

Full Info letter and enquete link see HERE

Hold your audition in Amsterdam – HJS can help!

Dear Company director/choreographer,

We have recently received a modest grant for our SPRINGPLANK (Springboard) program which aims to help graduates of Amsterdam dance academies help find work in the dance field. We can use part of this grant to help companies looking for dancers to hold their auditions in Amsterdam. In this way, more opportunities become available for dancers here, without them having to travel each time. For the companies or choreographers looking for dancers, the advantage is that we can help pay for studio rental costs and sometimes provide accommodation in our guest house. Furthermore, Amsterdam is a city easily reached from all of Europe and beyond. Of course, the company/choreographer can hold an audition open to all applicants from anywhere and there are no further obligations.

HJS is the main center for freelance dance professionals in the Netherlands and attracts many international dance artists. The audition can sometimes be held in our home studio at Chassé Dance Studios, but we also have other possible locations in Amsterdam where auditions can be held.

We do have a limited amount of funds for this initiative so don’t delay too long in contacting us if you are interested. Please write to:


Luna Ananda