Igal Perry is the founder and director of the Peridance Center and the Peridance Ensemble in New York City. Mr. Perry is internationally known as a teacher and a choreographer, and has choreographed and taught in the Far East, Israel, and for numerous companies across Europe. In the Netherlands he has taught at Scapino Rotterdam, The Dutch National Ballet, Krisztina de Châtel, the Theaterschool, and at Artemis Kunstcentrum.
Class Description: Mr. Perry’s class introduces a fresh and open approach to the study of traditional ballet vocabulary. The class eloquently fuses the different elements of ballet, from correct placement and alignment to the utmost in technical execution, coordination, musicality and phrasing. His class is designed for professional dancers who are looking to start their day with a well- balanced fluid class, as well as for students who are looking to advance their technical ability, freedom of movement and confidence