Henry Rodríguez

Henry is a dance artist and a sound designer from Cuba currently based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He is a graduate of the National School of Dance and the the Higher Institute of Arts in Havana, Cuba. In 2017, after working with Danza Contemporánea de Cuba and with choreographers Rosario Cárdenas, Pepe Hevia, Julio Cesar Iglesias, Theo Clinkard among others, he moved to England and later on to the Netherlands where he continued his studies at Amsterdamse Hogeschool van de Kunsten.
Currently, Henry is a freelance performer, choreographer and a dance instructor. He is also collaborating with Amsterdam-based choreographer Faizah Grootens and starting to produce his own music. His first compositions have been created for KAOS by choreographer Rigo Saura in a collaboration with the Chicago-based contemporary dance theater ensemble Hedwig Dances. Collaborations have been keys for the development and the exposure of Henry’s work. While Henry is delving into his own music and choreographic practice he has also been collaborating with Amsterdam-based Cinematographer Adnan Jerbi for the realisation of the dance films: CASA and most recently DADOR. 

Class info

By decimating the logical foundation of the Escuela Bolera (classical Spanish dance) and Flamenco, Rodríguez brings elements of the Spanish dance into a contemporary context. With a special focus on the articulation of the spine, he explores new qualities in the use of the torso, the arms, the expression of hands and the leg-work.

This contemporary class is inspired by various contemporary forms, the MUNZ FLOOR® method, Modern Afro-Cuban and diverse elements of the Spanish dance genres. Parallel to a hyper lengthened, graceful and powerful leg-work and port de bras, this class develops deep spinal awareness and mobility through curve, spiral, undulation, contraction, and high release.

The materials have a solid foundation in floor-work technique and they are developed in connection to elements of acrobatic to gradually transport you into a very fluid, energetic and rhythmic vocabulary. Through improvisation and technique, the exercises prepare the dancer for a choreographic phrase that follows musicality, different qualities, dynamics and complex coordination.

Curvo Intensive encourages the participant to work with unity and purpose and explore movement from an emotional and functional perspective. The purpose is to let go of the physical and mental structures, learn to trust and dare to bounce between control and abandonment.

Photos Henry: head shot by Bas Meeuwsen, full body by Alejandro Loar.