Ema Yuasa

Born in Japan, Ema is now based in The Hague (Nederlands). She first took Countertechnique classes in 2016, and attended the Countertechnique Teacher Training program in 2020.

Ema studied classical ballet in Hiroshima (Japan) and Monte-Carlo (Monaco) at the Princesse Grace Dance Academy. After her graduation in 2002, she danced with the Dresden Ballet in Germany and L’Opera de Nice in France before joining Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT) from 2004-2015. A freelancer since 2016, she has worked amongst others with Mats Ek and Sasha Waltz at the Royal Swedish Ballet and with Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui at his company Eastman. She’s also a choreographer in her own right, creating dance pieces as well as installation works, and has also appeared as an actor in various theatre works.

Portrait Photo Ema courtesy of Countertechnique.com Stage photo by Ryu Endo

Class info

“Almost immediately after I started taking Countertechnique classes, I realised that this technique is something I had long been looking for as a dancer. It gave me so much joy and endless curiosity towards dance again, whereas previously I had felt burned out as a dancer and had struggled with the boringness of training. I really appreciate how teachers are there to guide dancers identify their own problems and how they help them address these issies for the purpose of their whole career, rather than just fixing form at the moment. I wanted to take the knowledge I gained with me as a dancer, but I also wanted to share my insights with others.

I have always felt there was a strong need for a method that was developed for dancers on today’s contemporary dance scene, which develops so fast and has such an enormous variety of movement. Countertechnique is exactly that. Its community of teachers around the world is aware of how the field constantly changes and they continuously keep researching and reviewing the information they share. I am so looking forward to widen my perspective, discover many unknown things and re-experiencing my dancing. Countertechnique makes me active in body and mind.”