About Acrodance:

During the class we will learn about our bodies by interconnecting elements of acrobatics and dance movements. Through exercises to develop the body skills that underlie everything, we will learn to combine two worlds, that of acrobatics and that of dance with the aim of enhancing and making more fluid movement and body expressiveness. We will address different levels:

The work is divided in 4  height levels.
Level 1 working on floorwork; level 2 being quadrupedal/ intermediate heigh, including shoulder rolls and break dance moves, elbow work; level 3 standing, with variations of cartwheels, passing trough handstand; level 4 working on jumps and aerial figures.

We will work on the fluidity of movement and transitions. To give space to t
he expressive and artistic universe of each participant, we will work with improvisation and movement research tasks. 

Davide Bonetti 

is a professional contemporary circus artist, more precisely an acrodancer. He started his movement practice doing parkour from 16 to 18 years old, and then got into Flic circus school in Turin, Italy, improving his handstands and acrobatics technique. At 21 years old he got accepted into CNAC (Centre National des Arts du Cirque) in Châlons en Champagne, France, where he became interested and then specialist in a smoother and more organic way of doing acrobatics: Acrodance. Since 5 years, aside from working as a freelancer for circus and dance companies, he collaborates with dance academies, festivals and circus schools giving workshops about this very new and unexplored discipline.