Corneliu Ganea
Corneliu Ganea is a Romanian choreographer, teacher, filmmaker and photographer based in Amsterdam. Corneliu’s dancing career spans over a period of fourteen years. He danced in companies such as Ballet Theatre Munich, NND/Galilidance and Dansgroep Amsterdam amongst others and worked with a variety of internationals choreographers such as Guy & Roni, Itzik Galili, Krisztina de Chatel, Beppie Blankert, Michael Schumacher, Alida Doors, Phillip Taylor and many more. His choreographic work has been presented and awarded at competitions and festivals around the world.Corneliu graduated the Digital Film Diploma course at the SAE Institute in Amsterdam in 2018. As a film maker he is now active in the niche dance scene by filming and editing dance performances and a variety of commercial works for different companies.

The class is structured with the aim of preparing a professional dancer for a full day’s rehearsal, where the dancer needs to be technical, flexible, with a strong core and be able to improvise. Coming from a strong dance background Corneliu is incorporating a variety of methods and exercises to challenge and improve dancer’s abilities such as coordination, strength, awareness, technique, improvisation and more. Starting with a section on the floor the class develops into some technical exercises, release work, evolves into spacial exercises and jumps, improvisation and finishes with a combination.