Photo by Mikkel Carlsen

Alex Kros
is a Greek Choreographer and Multidisciplinary artist, based in Belgium. In 2015 he was awarded as Best New Choreographer from the competition Les Lendemains qui Dansent (FR) and his works has been nominated by the Berner Tanz Preise (CH), Rotterdam International Duet Competition (NL), No Ballet Choreographic Competition (DE), Machol Shalem International Choreographic Competition (IL) and Le Grande Scène / Petites Scènes Ouvertes. His creations have been produced by the Greek National Ballet Opera (GR), Ballet Du Nord / CCN Roubaix (FR), La Verita Dance Company (BE) among others and he is regularly giving workshops based on his own neoclassical vocabulary in all around Europe.

Class info

This class is inspired by the personal need to guide the body from classical forms towards a more contemporary physical interpretation. Warming up gently our bodies, passing from the floor into up level options, we will prepare ourselves to dive into more complicated dance phrases. We will work with fluidity as a quality of movement, which will unlock the body and will give the freedom to move and dance into space. Clarifying the beginning point for each movement, we will aim to throw ourselves into new paths where the body is drawing a canvas with lines and curves throughout the infinite movement.