Tom Goldhand

is a performance artist in the field of Dance & Contact Improvisation. After finishing his studies in Israel he moved to Amsterdam and co-founded with 5 other performance artists the group – Mono Collective that performs free and anchored Dance and Contact Improvisation pieces as well as choreographed pieces.

In the last years Tom has been performing and giving workshops on the techniques of Improvisation in Dance and Contact. Teaching weekly classes of Contact Improvisation in Amsterdam and give longer week intensive workshops around the world.

All of the above are just words that are saying basically: Contact & Dance Improvisation are my passions and I love sharing them with everyone.



5 Days workshop

Monday 18 July – Friday 22 July 

11:30 – 14:00

Please note for your travel plans there will be an informal presentation at Friday 18:15


€ 185,-

Register HERE;  you can upload your  BIO and Dancevideo in this form and is required.

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