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2021-18 Marco Goecke Repertory

This 5 days workshop will be an opportunity for everyone interested in Marco Goecke`s rich and challenging work to explore his choreographic language. Participants will get the opportunity to experience and learn material from his piece ‘Äffi’ on music by Johnny Cash,  A solo full of fun, sadness and much more emotions to explore.

Ralitza wil also work on on “Supernova” which Ralitza danced herself at Scapino.
“What is your last step before vanishing into the dark?’ Marco Goecke asked his dancers during the creation for his piece Supernova. In 2009, choreographer in residence Marco Goecke created Supernova, one of his most outstanding choreographies for Scapino set to the music of French jazz composer Pierre Louis Garcia-Leccia. In Supernova, Goecke’s unbridled originality finds an ideal partner in the freedom of jazz. On the microcosm of the stage, Goecke offers an ingenious interplay of movement and light, which is only outshone by the eloquence with which he reveals his innermost psyche. In his typical style of rapid movement, shadow-filled world and innumerable subtle finds, Goecke’s creativity reaches a zenith in Supernova.

The workshop will work towards the informal presentation of Friday evening at 18:15. Take this into consideration while arranging your travel.
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Please also see the video of Ralitza working as rehearsal director at NDT1 at the NDT website:  the password for the video is on the same page.

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  • Friday 16 July
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  • 15:00 – 18:00
  • 18:15

Price : € 210,-

Ralitza Malehounova

-studied at the Royal Ballet School in Antwerp. She was associated with the Scapino Ballet Rotterdam from 2007-2012. Now she works as rehearsal director for NDT 1


Supernova with Ralitza Malehounova starts at 7:25

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