About the Repertoire Masterclass:

Internationally acclaimed choreographers Uri Ivgi and Johan Greben, accompanied by their dancer Noa van Tichel, will teach a Repertoire Masterclass based on excerpts of their latest creation ‘Wasted Skin’. ‘Wasted Skin’ is currently touring throughout theatres in the Netherlands and will have a show in Amsterdam on the 12th as well. 

In 2021, the choreographers founded their dance company named ‘Ivgi&Greben’ in Leeuwarden. For the upcoming season, they are looking for new dancers. They will be holding an audition on March 19 and 20.


As choreographers Uri Ivgi and Johan Greben have been creating dance both nationally and internationally, since 2003. Everywhere they worked their quality was recognized and awarded more than once, for example in Moscow, they received the Golden Mask Award for Best Choreographer in Ballet/Contemporary Dance. After roaming the globe for so long, for them the time came to have their whole artistic oeuvre, their commitment and their international experience land in one place: their own company in the city of Leeuwarden in the North of the Netherlands. Having their own company allows them to grow together with their dancers and take the audience with them on a long term artistic journey. As a new Frisian company based in Leeuwarden, Ivgi&Greben cie. will be able to establish its own position internationally and in the Dutch dance field.


Saturday, March 12



Studio 2, Henny Jurriens Studio




This masterclass is part of the Springplank program but open to all prof-level dancers. Participants of Springplank may join this masterclass for free. The program is open to last-year students and alumni (up to 3 years) from dance academies (HBO/MBO) in the city of Amsterdam. Want to join Springplank? Send us an email at springplank@hjs.amsterdam with your cv, diploma, and motivational letter and we’ll get in touch with you! More info: https://hjs.amsterdam/springplank/