All classes canceled until 6 April

Dear dancers and teachers,

After much thought and discussion amongst ourselves and with a number of HJS dancers & teachers, we have decided to cancel all studio classes until at least the 6 th of April. Although the Dutch government does not (yet) forbid dance studios to give classes, we feel that we have to consider the safety and health of the HJS dancers, teachers, employees and the general society as the highest priority at this moment. Situations – like ours -where many people are close together and touch the same surfaces are apparently the ones that are most conducive for spreading the Coronavirus. Furthermore, the international character of HJS dancers means that the chances of infection are probably higher than in more homogenous situations.

We are sure you understand this decision, which is painful for all of us. We need to support each other, and keep our community alive, so we are considering some other options, including online classes, outdoor classes etc. We are open to your input and suggestions about this!

In the meantime, we encourage everyone to keep in touch with our website and socials. Our dance profession is known for its creativity and inventiveness, so keep faith, keep healthy, keep moving, follow ‘social distancing’ rules, and above all, keep your spirits up!

We will keep you updated about when classes will restart.

Here an inspiring initiative by choreographer and “HJS dancer” Klevis Elmazaj: #keepdancingchallenge