Nicola Hepp

 photo by  Adnan Hasovic

2021-27  How to make a captivating Audition Video 

2 days workshop Saturday 10 & Saturday 17 July

Presenting yourself online and sending audition videos is now the reality instead of live auditions.  Because of this, it is wise to have some guidance in presenting  yourself at your best in a dance video. We are all used to seeing short clips on social media, and we learn a lot from them, but what makes your video stand out from the rest….or not?

In this two-session workshop, Nicola Hepp will share tips and tricks about presenting yourself virtually. How can you show your skills and your personality as a dancer through a video? How do you catch the attention of the viewer? What things should you consider when it comes to editing material? In this course you will work with your own mobile phone camera on how to make the best shot, on framing, and how to use lighting. Nicola will give an assignment to the participants as a starting point, and there will be a task to work on in between the two online meetings. There will also be time for personal feedback from the group and the teacher.

Although this workshop is primarily for making an audition video, those interested in making dance films are also invited. Many topics will be covered that are also important and attractive for dance-filmmaking in general.

  • Saturday 10 July
  • Saturday 17 July
  • 11:00 -15:00
  • 11:00 – 15:00

Price : € 85,-

Nicola Hepp 

Educated in Sweden, Switzerland and The Netherlands, Nicola Hepp obtained her Master in Choreography and New Media at the Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in 2006. Her live performances have involved video and projections since 2003. Nicola’s choreographies and films have been shown in festivals and venues internationally and have won several awards and nominations.

Besides making her own films, she also works under commission as a choreographer and movement director for ads, mood films, shorts and feature films. Recently, an article she wrote called Choreographing the Camera was published by Videodance Studies, Valencia. Interviews with her have been published by Dans Magazine (will be posted in the next issue) and Women Cinemakers. see here


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