2020-5 Tools for Partnering, Ultima Vez Vocabulary

Workshop description:
We will study and practice some basic tools and principles, which will allow us to find precision, organicity, and the right intention while we dance, as well as to explore different movement qualities and physical states. We will familiarise with concepts like: risk, trust, moving with necessity, instinct, self-protection, how to protect somebody else, speed, fragility, softness, weakness, tension. The work will allow us to discover how we dance, where the limits are and how we can go further. We will find answers to these questions and new questions may arise.

Luke Jessop

The Ultima Vez/WimVandekeybus workshops are led by (ex-)Ultima Vez dancers who have worked with the company for several years and have a broad experience in teaching classes and workshops. Luke joined Ultima Vez in 2012 for the creation of booty Looting and has since performed in various creations of Wim, including, Talk to the Demon, FEAR NOT, Spiritual Unity and In Spite of Wishing and Wanting(Revival), Oedipus/Bêt Noir and Nieuwzwart. He regularly gives workshops and classes, and also develops his own work within his company Ion-Tribe.
Luke teaches prolifically at festivals and schools throughout Europe with his own style of creative acrobatic dance – Riding The Curve, as well as being commissioned to create works for various schools and institutions. Luke is also the founder and Artistic Director of the ConnectLAB festival. 



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Price € 195,-

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