2019-14 Release the Beast, choreography Project
Workshop description

Tony Vezich  spent many years developing a dance vocabulary for his choreographies. The base of which is extremely physical. As the vocabulary solidified a hazardous side effect appeared. Injuries. From that moment on he began to develop exercises that would help protect my dancers and me from serious injury. It has developed into a complete technique, which can be used for far more than the original intention. He has named it “Release the Beast “ technique.
There is a heavy emphasis on floor-work and a certain sequential order of the body in relation to the origin of movement initiation.
Another defining factor is how to find a powerful centre, how to use this powerful centre to move greater distances within space, especially in relation to the floor and the lower region of dance space.​

In this workshsop you will work with Tony on co-creating a choreoraphy, to be shown on the Informal presentatin on Friday evening at about 18:00 hours. Make sure your schedule allows you to stay.

Teachers info

Tony studied contemporary dance in the New Zealand School of Dance, and then went on to spend the next decade and a half working as a dancer and choreographer in Germany. While living in Germany, Tony formed the Temper-Temper Dance Company and was its artistic director and choreographer. Tony currently has more than 40 choreographies to his name. Tony devised and developed the “Release The Beast” dance technique, which he has taught throughout Europe and Scandinavia. He is currently on artistic leave from the position of head lecturer of contemporary dance technique in the Iceland Academy of the Arts, to pursue his independent artistic wishes, and to simultaneously and secretly reform Temper-Temper.

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  • Friday 19 July
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  • 15:00 – 18:00

Price € 190,-

Before you fill out the registration form, please make sure you will be able to upload the following to complete your registration:

  • Dance video, preferably a Youtube, Vimeo, One Drive or Dropbox link. If you send a file it should not exceed 5MB
  • Curriculum Vitae / BIO
  • Recent Headshot, max. file size 1.0 MB

Incomplete registrations will not be accepted, if this is the case you will be notified by email.
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