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In the dialogue between partners, two people aim to share the same space and consider their intentions towards each other: since some years this is the theme that Iñaki has been researching more intensively.
Closeness, shocks, to give oneself, standing each other, allow the other, stealing, a platform of terms from where we will build up codes for a dialogue. During the process, we will retrieve emotions from our memory, daily acts, old events… inner content to forge our movements.
The alternation in our imaginary will serve as guideline to shape dynamics and rhythm to our proposed dances.
In practice: Much contact, great feeling to travel in space, games, improvisation and scene time for research moves.

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Teachers info

Born in Donostia (Spain), Iñaki’s  dance formation comprises Bask folk, Classical Ballet as well as studies of Jazz & Modern dance. He studied composition, improvisation and light design at Nikolais/Louis School in New York. 
​​He joined the work of Wim Vandekeybus at his company Ultima Vez in Brussels, where performed Wim’s creations for several years, and from the past 20 years he has been related to the company as assistant and teacher.​​

Currently he combines assistance to dance choreographies with his pedagogical occupation. He teaches workshops and dance lessons to professionals, amateurs and to vocational dance schools. Within the teaching frame he has choreographed the pieces: Cyclopes (Tokyo 2010), Jeffrey.1 (Copenhagen 2011) Bag-Lady (Copenhagen 2013), Blik Opener (Antwerp 2014), ReAction, (Japan 2014), Beyond the line (Tilburg 2015), Turbador (Brussels 2016). 

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Inaki 2016
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  • 12:45 – 14:15


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